Aerator tackles hard, reduced-till soil – The Western Producer

Western Producer Article Soil needs to breath. It loses productivity when sealed with a layer of hardpan or a buildup of mulch on the surface to block the infiltration of air and water. Cattle producers have long realized that pasture soil becomes dry and hard when it has been compacted by a concentration of animal hoofs and has had its surface sealed by a thick mat of organic matter. Water runs off instead of soaking down into the root zones, and air fails to reach soil microbes down within the … Continue reading “Aerator tackles hard, reduced-till soil – The Western Producer”

A Quarter of India’s lands turning into deserts

A quarter of India’s lands turning into deserts I an article published by the Watershed Organization Trust, based in India, it was said that almost 30% of India’s land is degrading and turning into deserts. Most of this land was previously good producing land that has been mismanaged and allowed to be worse effected by drought and erosion. Poor land management practices has left India’s rural agricultural areas vulnerable. Drought and wind has caused the soil systems to turn bad and stop producing putting peoples livelihoods at risk. This is why we … Continue reading “A Quarter of India’s lands turning into deserts”

Grassland Restoration at Cuenca De Los Ojos

In Northern Mexico on the border on New Mexico, Cuenca De Los Ojos, a foundation works to preserve and restore biodiversity through land protection, habitat restoration, and wildlife reintroduction.  Founded in the 1990’s with the mission of restoring the habitat within the Madrean Archipelago and protecting the vast number of species it supports. Through collaboration between environmental groups and government agencies on both sides of the border, more than a million acres have been protected. With over 130,000 acres in Mexico, Cuenca De Los Ojos is a vital piece of … Continue reading “Grassland Restoration at Cuenca De Los Ojos”

Taylor Yates 2008 Outstanding Rangeland Stewardship Award Winner

The Leeray Ranch, which is 4460 acres located in central Texas has been awarded the Outstanding Rangeland Stewardship Award due to Taylor Yates work in rehabilitating the land. The land which had been severely over grazed for many years due to improper stocking rates, with almost 30% of the land as bare ground and 50% of the land covered with invasive brush. In order to rehabilitate the land they took a 2 year grazing hiatus and Taylor Yates made an unconventional choice and purchased a RanchWorx Tandem Aerator. He improved upon … Continue reading “Taylor Yates 2008 Outstanding Rangeland Stewardship Award Winner”

25-Year study on properLand Management

On the Deseret Land and Livestock Ranch in Utah has conducted a 25 year study on grazing and sagebrush treatment. This study looks at methods to treat land to not only create good livestock grazing land but to also maintain or increase natural habitat for sage grouse. They found that through rotational grazing and sagebrush removal to create a mosaic of of vegetation increased sage grouse numbers significantly. At the same time they were also able to increase their stocking rates of cattle on the land.  They used a couple different … Continue reading “25-Year study on properLand Management”

NRCS Study on use of a RanchWorx Aerator for Range Management

The NRCS conducted a case study of the use of a RanchWorx (Lawson) Aerator. They used our aerator in multiple states to clear away sage brush in an attempt to raise forage production. They noted the success that they were able to have with the use of the RanchWorx Aerator and the running costs of using the unit. They compared this cost to other methods used to clear brush away and concluded that while its running costs may be higher, they found that the unit required less time to do … Continue reading “NRCS Study on use of a RanchWorx Aerator for Range Management”

China to grant access to US beef

Many believe that China will open up full access to trade with the US beef industry in the next 5 years. Couple that with the rising prices of cattle and it is time to maximize your calf to cattle production. At RanchWorx we believe it is time to invest in your operation to be able to fully take advantage of a growing market. One of the cheapest ways to lower your costs and increase your stocking rates is with proper Pasture Management. There is a lot of work to be … Continue reading “China to grant access to US beef”

Water Conservation in Forage Growth

In a recent article in Progressive Forage they highlighted an area in northern Texas where they are putting systems in place in order to deal with lower water tables. Knowing that water use at the current rate would eventually lead to empty aquifers in the future, conservation groups and researchers have been working on creating best methods for producing forage with less water. While they talk about many methods that ranchers can use, many of them would take long times and huge amounts of effort to put these practices into place. … Continue reading “Water Conservation in Forage Growth”

US hay prices are on their way up

Hay prices are up across the board in the US. This is the second month in a row we have seen this increase based on the USDA’s most recent Agricultural Prices report. This is good news for forage producers who have been dealing with price declines for a long time. While a spring rise in prices is a normal occurrence there are reasons to believe that this rise will remain constant throughout the year. With this increase happening it is the perfect time to access the soil health of your … Continue reading “US hay prices are on their way up”

Cautions Using Cover Crops For Cattle Production

In a recent issue of Progressive Cattleman, they caution about certain cover crop use on cattle forage fields. Cover crops have become a more and more popular way of maintaining soil health and improving forage production. However certain cover crops can be poisonous to cattle. While we at RanchWorx  are in complete support of cover crop usage to improve forage we also think that they can’t be the only method relied on. The use of a RanchWorx Aerator in conjunction with cover crops can help to greatly improve soil health and improve … Continue reading “Cautions Using Cover Crops For Cattle Production”