Lawson LT Series

Achieving maximum grass production from every acre is now easier than ever before. We are proud to announce the newest most versatile aerator on the market. The Lawson Series has a variety of customization’s available. This Series truly grows as your operation grows.

• 3-point setup – great for light duty aeration in and around tight spaces and small pastures
• Pull Type setup – in just a few bolts add a tongue and landing gear for full aerating performance

The durability instilled into every component of this implement is ready to tackle the toughest jobs. Because our uncompromised quality extends throughout the RanchWorx® product lines, little maintenance is needed to keep each aerator working for generations to come.

Features that get the job done

Lawson LT Series Features

Easily grow your aerator as your operation grows. Take the 3-point setup and add a tongue and landing gear with a few simple bolts.

We stand behind the design and don’t want you to worry about breakage so much that we offer a lifetime warranty on breakage of our RanchTech blades. After your blades have worn out we offer a system to get the blades replaced and continue the warranty on the life of the new blades.

The Lawson LT Series has a variety of drum sizes from 20″ and 30″ in height and 8′ – 12′ in width. This means no matter your soil type we have a size that work for you.

Our aerators have been outfitted with a heavy duty hydraulic landing gear system to make lifting and taking turns easy. The landing gear is able to easily lift the aerator plus a fully filled drum and is sized to fit on roads. We utilize heavy duty aircraft tires and a steel locking bar for safety when transporting down roads.

Easy Configurable Attachments

Complete your RanchWorx Aerator

Ranchworx Pasture Aerator Lawson Series

1. 3- PT Lift

For those who have smaller applications or work in confined areas

Ranchworx Pasture Aerator

2. Tongue and Landing Gear

Customer can add tongue and landing gear to the 3-PT setup at any time

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